Act now to prevent gun violence in Oregon

Together, we can end the bloodshed and work toward a more peaceful future for our communities, schools and families. Here are some simple, effective steps you can take today to reduce gun violence in Oregon.

The Oregon legislature is now in session

Ceasefire Oregon has identified our top three priorities for this legislative season that will help reduce gun violence in our state. Contact your representatives to let them know that reducing gun violence matters to their constituents.

It's time to end the ban on gun research

Tell Speaker Ryan it is time to end the ban on gun violence research and allow the CDC to conduct the rigorous, national studies needed to determine which programs and policies most effectively reduce gun violence.

How to talk about gun safety

It is easy to get caught up in the rhetoric and vitriol surrounding the issue of guns in America. If you are unsure about how to lend your voice to the cause of gun violence prevention, take a look at our carefully-researched, factual guide to talking about guns.

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