Voice your opinion on gun violence

You can make a difference. It is critical that your representatives hear from you in support of gun violence prevention.

Current Legislation

HB 4147 Oregon

Relating to firearm transfer criminal background checks

Prohibits transfer of firearm by dealer or private party for 10 business days if Department of State Police is unable to determine whether recipient is qualified to receive firearm.

Position: Support

Status: Currently in the House

FP 0112 Federal

Protecting Something Placeholder Act

Would restrict designer's ability to use lorem ipsum in dynamic mockups.

Position: Oppose

Status: Pending

Previous Legislation

Gun violence prevention made huge strides in Oregon's 2015 legislative session. Check out some of the changes in Oregon laws because of our work.

  • SB 941 Oregon

    Oregon Firearms Safety Act

    Felons and domestic abusers can no longer buy guns with no questions asked.

    Position: Support

    Status: Passed

  • SB 525 Oregon

    Relating to possession of firearms by certain persons

    Domestic violence offenders and people subject to domestic abuse restraining orders are barred from possessing guns.

    Position: Support

    Status: Passed

  • SB 385 Oregon

    Relating to possession of weapons in courts

    Judges can prohibit guns in their courtrooms.

    Position: Support

    Status: Passed

  • SB 86 Oregon

    Relating to firearms training facilities

    Authorizes establishment of firearms training facility in exclusive farm zone not within city or urban growth boundary.

    Position: Oppose

    Status: Dead

  • SB 106 Oregon

    Relating to handgun safety instructors

    Establishes handgun safety instructor program. Completion of handgun safety course demonstrates competence with handgun for CHL.

    Position: Neutral

    Status: Dead

  • SB 173 Oregon

    Relating to firearms in public buildings

    Person with CHL can present CHL license instead of firearm to peace officer for examination when possessing firearm in public building.

    Position: Support

    Status: Passed