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If Only They'd Had A Gun To Defend Themselves. Oh, Wait...

The gun lobbies like to push the idea that if only you are armed, you'll be safe from the bad guys. That they'll be dissuaded from attacking you simply because they know you have a gun, or that it isn't a "gun free zone." But as I've shown again and again here at New Trajectory blog, the truth is just the opposite, and studies have show it.

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Seattle Has Enacted A Tax On Firearms and Ammo Sales

On August 10, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved to tax the sale of firearms and ammunition. The move came as the city is struggling to reduce gun violence as well as the enormous financial burden of gunshot-related trauma treated at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. From the article: …read more

Chuck and Amy Schumer Team Up to Fight Gun Violence

Comedian Amy Schumer and Senator Chuck Schumer have teamed up to fight gun violence. They unveiled legislation that would allows the Justice Department to create rewards and penalties for states that submit or do not submit all records into the background check system. …read more

An Open Letter to Amy Schumer

A little over a week ago, there was a shooting at the premiere of Amy Schumer's new film "Trainwreck." A man who was "opposed to women having a say in anything" committed the shooting; he killed two people and injured nine others. …read more

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